My (sister’s) quest for a vintage wedding dress

My sister is getting married and has her heart set on a bespoke wedding and yesterday she dragged me into her search for vintage wedding ideas.
Vintage-wedding-bottlesRather than just go to a bridal store a pick up a wedding dress “off the shelf” (what’s wrong with that?), my sister has decided she wants a retro style wedding as she is quite “in to” the whole shabby chic, vintage home scene. So she came round, we had a coffee and started searching.

I came across a lot of wedding blogs and, to my surprise, plenty of blogs were even focussing on vintage weddings. I did not realise there was such of a market out there for this stuff; I thought it was just my quirky sister. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, as from what I could gather, there is a lot of recycling/upcycling going on and plenty of sites are out there if you are looking for vintage wedding ideas on a budget.

One of the vintage bridal sites my sister and I came across was Vintage Wedding Store, this seems to act as an “exclusive” directory for some retro wedding stores. My sister has not bought anything yet and I don’t think I was much help in her search; she is getting me out at the weekend to go and look at some bridal shows instead!

Best car accessories ever…my review

I read earlier today a feature on the Autocar website (read it here listing the Top 10 best car accessories of all (most) time. So, I thought I would take the list and add my own personal opinion. Here goes:


  1. Sat nav – totally agree. Although I tend to notice that the ones built into cars are not as good at the standalone ones.
  2. Winter tyres – not convinced. Never fitted them myself as they seem to cost a lot for not much use. Also you have to store and fit them. Good for safety I guess!
  3. Performance light bulbs – by this I guess they mean bright bulbs. Yes, they help you see better but can really dazzle oncoming drivers. Divided on this one
  4. Bluetooth hands free – very good!
  5. Flat windscreen wipers – hmmm. Not sure (a) I have noticed or (b) care.
  6. In-car digital music – I miss those days of searching through the glovebox for my cassettes…or leaving them in the sun so that they never worked again.
  7. Paint sealants – yep, moving on…
  8. Microfibre clothes – they are getting desperate now!
  9. In car digital radio (DAB) – don’t have DAB in my car but we have a DAB radio at home. Might be me but I cannot see the benefits. Prefer internet radio
  10. Realistic driving games – I think they got bored by now.

My carpet cleaner has finally gone bang!

Vax-big-orange-thingWhat can I say; my loyal, faithful Vax carpet washer has finally gone to the big carpet cleaner place in the sky. To be honest I’ve had the “big orange thing” for years and it has never missed a beat but I think the motor has finally packed in and, with a sad heart, it’s time to buy a new one.

I don’t know much about carpet cleaners to be honest so I did my usual 3 days of internet research to try a find a decent carpet cleaner (by the way, have a look at Best Carpet Cleaner guide as this site can save you days of research…as I found out on day 3!). My choice seemed to be pretty limited to either the Vax or Bissell brands; that said each has a pretty good range. The first thing I noticed was just how expensive these things are. Cannot remember but I don’t think the “big orange thing” cost that much!
My-new-Vax-Dual-VIt was a tough call but I think I have chosen the best carpet cleaner – a Vax Dual V. This seems to have all the bells & whistles that I need, looks pretty cool and I like the Vax brand. It’s a pretty big thing the new one compared to my “old faithful” but first impressions are good as it has done an amazing job on the lounge carpet already.

To me, and on paper, the Vax Dual V was the best carpet cleaner under 200, only time will tell if it can last as long the old Vax. I seriously doubt it.

This is Annuaire 3D – the all dimensions web directory!

So what are we all about? Annuaire 3D is an all dimensions web directory created by 2 crazy and (currently) out of work French internet enthusiasts.

Will be on the look out for news, sites, blogs and any other interesting things we can find out there!

As we grow we would appreciate any feedback and ideas on what you would like to see next.